Environmental Sustainability

Financial Scorecard

in net sales, a decrease of 0.3% excluding currency

ongoing business earnings per diluted share

free cash flow generation or 4.1% of net sales

Environmental Scorecard


waste goes to recycling


waste goes to landfill


waste goes to incineration

waste to landfill in 8 manufacturing plants

Social Scorecard

Habitat for Humanity
104,000+ families directly impacted globally,?9,000 Whirlpool employees volunteered, and we’ve committed?$110 million to date.?Approximately?198,000 ranges and refrigerators donated in U.S. and Canada, 76,000 products donated to families in EMEA region, and 45 countries served.

Consulado da Mulher
3,981 people directly and indirectly benefited,?560 community businesses?advised, generating a gross income of?$2.3 million, a 68% increase in revenue and 43% increase in income in 24 months.?Present in?15 states?and 37 cities in Brazil.

United Way
Whirlpool Corporation gave more than $4,651,167 million to United Way, impacting 214,587 people, based on % of campaign totals at each of our U.S. locations in 2019.

Boys and Girls Club of America
Maytag brand donated over?$8.4 million, engaged 6,000 Whirlpool Corp volunteers, and impacted more than 107,000 young people.

Care Counts
Installed across 18 cities in 82 schools?with access to clean clothes for more than 38,000 students.?

ReNEWW House

The ReNEWW House (Retrofit Net-Zero Energy Water Waste) is a 1920s three-bedroom home on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, in the United States. The home was extensively retrofitted and refurbished to be as energy and water efficient as possible. Whirlpool Corporation operates it as a live-in research lab and sustainable living showcase. During the school year, Whirlpool Corporation engineers obtaining their Master’s degrees at Purdue University reside in the house and perform research on innovative projects related to sustainability.

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